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In the early stages of 2018 we had a good player count and 200pop each wipe. At this stage our servers were struggling with demand so we went about upgrading our servers to the best possible hardware which was out at the time. Rust is a very depanding game to run and we thought we would give the best possible server. Unfortunately at the time we didn't advertsie the new server very well and all our player base left

Now we are back

We are now back with a new and improved server and service. Better Vanilla 2x[Solo/Duo/Trio]. This server is lightly modded with the ability to remove walls, trading items and repair.


Purchasing from our store is the best way to support the servers, it is a fully automatic service. Donators get Quality of Life changes such as furnace sorter, box sorter and the ability to skip queue when server is full. Please read the terms before you buy. If you wish to buy VIP for skins instead please contact Meerkat Matt

Our Servers

These are our servers we offer for you to play!

Project Title

Better Vanilla 2x [Solo/Duo/Trio]

Server IP -

DNS - 2x.bettervanilla.com:28015

Slots - 100

Map Size - 3k(3000)



You recieve rewards in game!

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Meet the team of Better Vanilla




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